Our Journey

Hi, I’m Safina, the creator of ACAO, and this is my story.

ACAO(a-sao) which means to move, was created for fitness but designed for life. Born with the idea of comfortable stylish essential wear, I wanted to create pieces that you would move and live in. Something that makes you feel powerful, yet comfortable.

It took us a long long time, but from process to execution, we converted challenges into experience. Experience, that has led us to create a conscious collection, where function meets everlasting fashion.  I knew I wanted to create niche pieces which met the needs of people but also pieces that did little harm to the environment.

We always say that we are a COVID baby. It is a very strong part of our story. The challenges of bringing a brand to the market during a worldwide pandemic were thus far unpredictable. As we were not being able to touch and feel the fabrics together, we were forced to find new ways to keep going. We couldn’t carry out any sourcing during the actual lockdown and had to work with the sourcing which was already done and stay prepared to fill in the gaps as soon as we could. This has been a major roadblock in making clothes during a pandemic.

Sustainability and Transparency were the core values that I wanted to incorporate while creating the brand.

Finding alternatives to regular performance-based fabrics was not an easy task. It took us months and months to find the right manufacturer who was ready to make smaller quantities (as waste is gross).

Also, Ethical manufacturing was our priority, we wanted to partner up with manufactures who took care of the health and well-being the people and animals involved in the production process. Creating an eco-friendly brand involves looking at the business as a whole.

We have a long way to go and much to learn, but I hope that if you choose to make a piece of ACAO a part of your life, you will find that the attention, care and love given to each piece, reflects when you wear it.

We are not perfect- as a Brand. We are not perfect- as people. We are not perfect in product. We are doing our best we can, and we aim to improve every single day with every single product launch.

ACAO is an ongoing work in progress, just like the humans it was designed for. A year later presenting to you my labor of Love- ACAO

Welcome to the ACAO family.