Hebe Collection

Recycled ,ethical, sustainable, low-impact, conscious and compostable.

We are continuing our journey to produce conscious fashion, valuing sustainability and protection of the planet. From the inception of the idea of ACAO we were inclined towards creating a sustainable and ethical community.

"Good for you and the planet"

 As a company, we have a responsibility to do what we can in order to protect our planet and the people living on it. At ACAO we set our standards high to only work with suppliers that align with our values. We strive to be 100% accountable for our sustainable measures. Starting with creation and production, to how it is packaged and received all around the world. Sustainability has become a tool for design innovation and has encouraged the process of clothing to be more than simply beautiful. We want you to feel empowered when you choose to purchase ACAO and know that it is both socially and environmentally conscious.

Our Conscious Journey started with our very first collection HEBE. All the fabrics, yarns, dyes used are consciously chosen keeping you and the planet in mind. 

Here is an overview of our conscious journey and how we have partnered up with conscious brand all around the world.


Vita power by Carvico

Vita Power by Carvico is a leading sustainable fabric, milled in Italy, made from ECONYL® regenerated Nylon yarns. This highly innovative fabric offers optimal breathability, quick moisture wicking, and high UV protection (UPF 50+). The strong warp-knit structure is excellent for muscle support and recovery, with a high opacity and soft luster for complete coverage. Feels smooth and luxurious against the skin, you can find this fabric across our high performance, and fashion styles

ECONYL® regenerated nylon is made with waste that would otherwise pollute the Earth such as fishing nets, fabric scraps from mills and carpets destined for landfill – and turning it into virgin quality nylon yarn for the fashion and interior industries.. https://www.econyl.com/

Top green FENC Recycled polyester yarn

Top Green recycled filament, made from recycled post-consumer PET bottles undergoes a grinding, washing, melting, re-polymerizing, spinning and texturizing process to produce this environmentally friendly yarn. This recycled, high-tenacity fiber is traceable from post-consumer to yarn.

REPREVE®  Recycled Polyester 

This high-quality polyester is 100% recycled. Post-consumer bottles are washed and chopped into flakes, melted and formed into chips, before being transformed into yarn. This cooling, dry-wicking, thermal and UV protected earth-friendly fibre, combines comfort with quality, and is perfect for everyday wear.

Huntsman Dyes

 As the leading provider of sustainable textile solutions, Huntsman is committed to bringing the latest technologies, sustainability solutions and market-leading products to our customers. Their comprehensive range of quality dyes, chemicals and digital inks help increase their productivity and improve their sustainability footprint. They create a more transparent textile supply chain that creates value for textile mills, brands, consumers and communities today, while making a vibrant world possible for future generations.  Huntsman Dyes in the US & are OEKO-TEX® & GOTS approved, protecting our planet for future generations.

Sustainable Packaging

All our packaging including the tags, paper, bags that we use are 100% recyclable  and biodegradable. We use AVANI Bio-cassava bags for fully compostable packaging. There is no nasty waster heading to the landfills.

Ethically Made

Thanks to the strong relationships we have built with our one-stop manufacturing team, we know that all ACAO's HEBE collection is ethically produced in a fair-wage factory known for its safe, high-standard working conditions. The employees are paid well over the minimum wage, 13 months' salary a year, receive free medical insurance covering doctors' fees, prescribed medication & hospitalization which we extend to their spouse & up to three children. A  freshly healthy cooked meal for lunch every day, double wages for overtime & working condition on-par to western standards.

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